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Cronic pain, allergies, less medication, no more need surgry, wellbeing

I was rear ended 3 times in 8 years with the last time (Nov '01) essentially putting me into ongoing chiropractic treatment (not to mention fusion of C5-6-7) ever since. 2 1/2 years ago when my chiro was fairly certain I'd be looking at more surgery in another 6 months, I started seeing Sunny for acupuncture. Needless to say after these 2.5 years that my chiro & I have been thrilled with the results. My structural issues are not cured & never will be, but I am so much further ahead that more surgery is no longer even on the horizon. Like pretty much anything else in healthcare (which I work in) it's an inexact science…but Sunny is, like my chiro, very intuitive in finding & addressing trouble spots. She also works with you as a whole. Like so many others here I have nasty springtime allergies, but working with Sunny preemptively on this I've cut 1 month's usage off my prescriptions & have not needed the cortisone shot during the last 2 spring seasons. I have referred people to her (those who have tried her still go) & will continue to do so. Rest assured that with over 25 years of practice, she will improve your condition. Sincerely, Steve


I have poor posture and broken arches which caused knee pain.  Then a motorcycle accident twisted and badly sprained my ankle.  Pain in my knees and ankle grew to the point it was painful to do any walking.  Acupuncture, herbs, and recommended exercises and physical therapy have me pain free and re-gaining the ability to walk, run, hike, and live a normal life.  Thanks to Sunny.  Roy Harvey - Bothell, WA


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We have experience in treating many conditions. Many of our Success Stories we did not have a chance to collect and share. We have now started (5/1/2013), to collect and share on our new web page here. We are very humbled, appreciated, and thank you for your story to share in your testimony. Please E mail your story.

Hip pain, back Pain, Headache, Taichi, and wellbeing
I had my hip replaced about 3 years ago. I had been diagnosed with severe hip arthritis 18 years before that. The doctor at the time told me to wait as long as possible. He said that the average hip replacement lasts 10 to 15 years and you can typically only do it twice. After that, it’s the wheel chair.
I started visiting Sunny Tan’s office about 2 years before the hip surgery to alleviate the pain and improve some joint mobility. Before I came to her office, I was having difficulty even reaching my foot to trim my toe nails. Their efforts at her clinic made it a lot easier to get around then before I made the decision to replace the bad hip.
After surgery and after the Physical Therapy, I joined Sunny’s Tai Chi class to establish an exercise routine. While my hip was much better, she observed that I walked funny. She said, “You walk crooked.” This explained why I was having some lower back problems after the surgery. Sunny has been working with me since then through Tai Chi and treatments to improve my posture and reduce the back pains and headaches caused by it.     Tony H. Bothell, WA

Chronic tendinitis/tendinosis and knee pain
I was referred to Dr. Tan by a co-worker for a chronic tendon injury and knee pain. I am an Ironman triathlete and developed over-use chronic Achilles tendinitis/tendinosis that was not resolving or improving after several months of physical therapy under the care of an orthopedic physician. I was frustrated when my physician told that there was little that could be done except physical therapy and allow the tendon to heal over the next 1 to 2 years. I am also a veterinarian, and was impressed with the personal care and attention that Dr. Tan gave me, and how expertly she diagnosed and assessed my situation. She recommended a 4 to 6 week course of treatment that included acupuncture and muscle strengthening exercises. I noticed immediate alleviation after one session and significant improvement within one week. I am almost finished with my treatment, and have experienced 95% resolution. Although both Dr. Tan and I realize that it will take additional time to completely resolve the scar tissue for such a chronic injury, I am extremely pleased with how quickly and effectively Dr. Tan's treatment has set me on the road to full recovery for my next season.       Bothell, WA

chronic pain - restless leg syndrome
I am a hair stylist that got in a motorcycle accident. Every one told me I would have to have surgery on my shoulder to repair the injury. I decided after months of physical therapy and massage to try acupuncture! Sunny has not only treated me for this injury but helped me so I don't have chronic pain anymore. Seriously the best help I have gotten for anything. I later had restless leg syndrome that she also has made vanished. This is right down the street from my house very convenient and very professional! I'm so happy with the treatment I have received.       Lydia M W. Redmond, WA

skin problems, psoriasis, autoimmune issue, nerve pinch, anxiety, well-bing
I was referred to Sunny just over two years ago by a co-worker and I’m so glad I took the recommendation. She has been wonderful, always so insightful, loving and kind. I initially went in for a pinched nerve in my neck and was surprised and thrilled to find out that she could help with my psoriasis. We have since made great progress on my skin. I no longer take any of the more harsh ‘western’ medications I was on, including steroid creams that were thinning my skin. My skin looks and feels more healthy and replenished. I still have some flare ups, more often in the winter months, but they are becoming more minimal with time. I went to Arizona last October and actually wore a swim suit for the first time in years. Sunny gave me hope when what little I had left was wearing thin. I am now confident that I can manage this condition without jeopardizing my overall well-being. She primarily focuses on my psoriasis but I have some other autoimmune, stress and inflammation related issues that she treats me for as well. I appreciate that she sees me as a whole (body and mind) and cares for me accordingly. Another pleasantly unexpected benefit of the acupuncture treatment is that it has helped me to quiet my mind, practice serenity and start to get a better handle on my anxiety. I highly recommend Sunny, she really knows what she is doing and has a very comforting presence that will put you at ease. It has and will continue to be a positive journey for me. Thank you Sunny!

Neck and back pain, anxiety, depression, lose weight, improve energy
I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Sunny for over 5 years, primarily treating my neck and back pain, anxiety and depression, and most recently, to help me lose weight. She has also treated me for other issues such as hormonal imbalances, plantar fasciitis, and high cholesterol. I have found each session to be comfortable, relaxing and informative. Sunny has incredible knowledge on how to heal and be healthy in a holistic way, at times also providing herbal remedies to complement the acupuncture sessions. With her help I feel I am losing weight, my back pain has been significantly reduced and my energy levels are much improved. I highly recommend Sunny to anyone who wants to improve their health and vitality!
 Leigh D


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