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Sunny Yanmin Tan

 VISION: The state of being healthy is the most precious for the journey of life. Our clinic is not merely a place for temporary relaxation or short-term rejuvenation or just for reducing pain and symptoms it is a place to restore your total wellbeing. It is a holistic healing clinic to help you observe and experience your well being and rediscover, relearn, recover, and improve your health. We help you to take responsibility for your own health and well being. Holistic healing is described as: “taking into account all of somebody's physical, mental, and social conditions in the treatment of illness”.

We not only treat the cause and symptom, but also rehab and prevention. Prevention of illness is important work on early intervention and health promotion. Very often an easily treatable small simple disorder turns into a complex disease. Self observation is the key to making appropriate preventive measures for wellbeing & health. We help you discover how to be aware of your body's needs. (ie; the state of spirit, emotion, your energy, the body - your whole state of being).

We work to balance the different levels of the physical systems. We help calm the mind and nurture the soul, balance the body energy, chemical composition, and organs’. These elements make it possible for you to be proactive in the healing process. You may then initiate change, become more motivated and learn to live life with more vitality. We want you to enjoy every moment of the grace of life and the gift of breath and to celebrate life to the fullest. This harmonious state of the mind, body and spirit can be achieved by integrating the arts of traditional healing skills, the precision of modern medicine, and the gift of individual self-healing powers.

The power to heal is within you and is waiting to be tapped and respond. The turning point of Healing is essentially step to facilitate at well being. It is may not fix the problem right away in your expectation, and you will definitely start to facilitate your well being in your journey of life.

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Let's take that first step together toward a Healthy body and mind.

Sunny Yanmin Tan has over 30 years in the health care profession as physician and acupuncturist.

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